19 September 2017

Two developments highlight the growing concern over the ‘Yes’ campaign’s approach to the continuing same-sex “marriage” debate:

1.            A Canberra woman has been sacked from her job for installing a frame on her Facebook profile picture saying “It’s OK to vote no”. Her former employer has described her employee’s position as “homophobic” “hate speech”.

2.            Those who have supported the right of Australians to determine the issue of same-sex “marriage” have been accused as bearing the liability of alleged “mental health issues” resulting from the upcoming postal survey.

The Rev. Fred Nile MLC comments:

·     “The sacking of the employee for expressing a legal, legitimate and entirely defensible position is the latest example of the ‘Yes’ campaign’s thuggery. The persecution of the employee for her political and moral views illustrates the atmosphere of division and hate that is being fostered by these self-described champions of egalitarianism and tolerance.”

·     “This climate of fear is being fostered at the highest levels of the ‘Yes’ campaign. I have personally witnessed this last week with the bigoted online rhetoric of Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham. It is people like him that create an atmosphere where the real bigots can act out their prejudice against people of faith and conscience.”

·     “If an individual can be callously defamed on the internet or booted out of her job simply for having an unorthodox opinion before so-called same-sex ‘marriage’ is passed, I can only imagine what awaits society after the extreme left gets its way.”

·     “Now we have the bizarre situation where any opposition to radical social policy is framed as an alleged threat to ‘mental health’. Are we really to believe that someone would be psychologically traumatized at the thought that another person simply has a different view to them? What rubbish. I challenge the ‘Yes’ campaign to address the ‘mental health’ implications of firing a person for her freedom of speech!”

Media inquiries:  Rev. Fred Nile MLC:             (02) 9230 2478


The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC

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