In reply to Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE QUESTION ON (5 May 2016).

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY (Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, and Vice-President of the Executive Council)—The Minister provided the following response: today

The New South Wales Government understands the importance of student counselling and support services.

The National School Chaplaincy Programme [NSCP] is a Commonwealth-funded initiative that provides chaplaincy services in schools. The New South Wales Government receives funding for administering the NSCP through an agreement. The agreement outlines that the NSCP will operate for the 2015 to 2018 school years.

Following the budget, Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education, stated that the Commonwealth has not decided to cease NSCP funding, and that the agreement is not currently due for review.

The Rev Fred Nile stated ‘I am very pleased that funding for the School Chaplain’s will continue in NSW Schools. Our children will benefit from the School Chaplain’s program.’

Authorised by Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, 1 Wentworth St Parramatta 2150

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