Rev Nile strongly opposed to cemetery merger
Stands with Catholic Cemeteries Crematoria
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May 28, 2021

The Christian Democratic Party commends Sydney’s Catholic leaders in taking legal against the State Government over the recent decision to dismiss the Catholic Cemeteries Crematoria Trust (CMCT). In a letter to the NSW State Government Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC has signaled his opposition to the current plans to merge all NSW cemeteries a single State-Owned corporation, OneCrown. This action results in the effective dismissal of the CMCT who have been an extremely effective,
efficient and respected industry operator for over 150 years. Rev Nile has stated ‘CMCT has the experience and the history of respecting and aiding multi-faith communities with their funeral rites commending their loved ones to God’.

OneCrown, as a State-Owned corporation would not be entitled to the same Not-for-profit tax benefits that current operators utilize nor would it be eligible for a Perpetual Care Fund. Data obtained from the comprehensive 11th Hour Report has shown that funeral costs may rise up to $9000 Rev Nile has stated “the massive increase in operating costs as a result of foregoing charitable status will be passed on to NSW taxpayers …. Ultimately the taxpayers of New South Wales are the losers of the current path who will have to bear the brunt of higher costs while mourning their loved ones.

The State Government has provided numerous assurances to multi-faith leaders that they would be a part of the future solution for NSW cemeteries, why now is the Government breaking their assurances? Rev Nile further states that ‘it is strange that a Coalition Government seeks to expand the role of government in matters of faith rather than respect existing operators in such a sensitive and important industry’.

Yours faithfully,

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC
CDP Federal President & CDP MLC


MEDIA Release – 2021 05 28 – Rev Nile strongly opposed to cemetery merger

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