Yesterday, Rev. Nile delivered an adjournment speech to the Upper House about the use of nuclear energy. This related partly to the recent debate concerning the proposed construction of a nuclear power plant in New South Wales. Rev. The Hon. Nile makes the following additional comments:

·        “I am amazed that people assume that technology in the nuclear power industry hasn’t progressed since the days when Chernobyl was built.”

·        “I am often told derisively that “we don’t live in the ‘50s”. Tonight I say those words to people who think that the power plants being built today are a relic of a bygone era.”

·        “The original environmentalists did not shy away from the nuclear option in energy supply. The near obsessive anti-nuclear pathology we encounter today mostly comes from militant Green elements.”

·        “Green hysterics are a throw-back to an era when environmentalism was hijacked by unsavoury types who used it as a platform from which to attack capitalism.”

·        “These people are living in the past. Somebody should tell them that the Cold War is over.”

·        “Modern nuclear power plants are nowhere as unsafe as they are portrayed. This should be a legitimate alternative option to coal, and it can bring great benefits to Australia and the people of NSW.”

Media inquiries:  Rev. Fred Nile MLC:               (02) 9230 2478

The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC


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