11 September 2017

On 11 September, The Rev Fred Nile sent correspondence to the members of the NSW Parliament concerning the upcoming postal vote on so-called same-sex “marriage”. In that letter, Rev Nile wrote: “I hope that the spirit of free and respectful dialogue will prevail in coming weeks, and that both sides are afforded an equitable voice in the public square.” Today, Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham posted a video on his facebook account showing the letter being shredded. At the end of the video Buckingham is heard to say: “Thanks for that Fred. You’re a bigot.” The Rev. Fred Nile MLC comments:

  • “The tenor and tone of Jeremy’s video genuinely surprises me. It is no secret that there are political differences between the Christian Democratic Party and the Greens. However I have always sought to be courteous to my colleagues, and I have always found Jeremy to be likewise courteous in his personal dealings with me. Under the circumstances, his facebook video really is quite odd.”
  • “My letter raised concerns regarding the civil rights of people who have dissenting views on this issue. I enclosed statements from various religious leaders of major Christian denominations in Australia. I challenge my colleague to give one example of ‘bigotry’ in that letter. I am amazed that Jeremy would so publically embarrass himself by making an intentionally ignorant statement on the internet.”
  • “The times when the Greens stood up for those who had ‘unpopular’ or ‘controversial’ opinions seems to have ended. I wonder what has changed to make them so closed-minded today. I am saddened that my colleague would resort to the typical name-calling that has made the public so cynical about politicians and politics generally.”
  • “I invite Jeremy to withdraw his misconceived video and apologise to me, as well as those who have suffered as a result of the increasing rhetorical thugishness of the ‘Yes’ campaign. I renew my call for the spirit of free and respectful dialogue to prevail in this debate.”


Media inquiries:  Rev. Fred Nile MLC:               (02) 9230 2478


The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC

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