Yesterday, the Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile asked two questions without notice that address the issue of civil rights, particularly those that may be under threat as a result of the pending federal campaign for so-called same sex “marriage”. The questions were heckled with mocking interjections from members of the Upper House, in particular the Greens.

The first question asked whether “the AG is aware of the political pressure that has been placed on individuals and groups to conform to the same-sex orthodoxy of the “Yes” Campaign.” Rev. Nile relied on recent examples of undue pressure. These included the forced reversal of Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s reversal of its neutral policy with respect to the same-sex “marriage” campaign, the pressure on Labor MP Helen to “pretend to support gay marriage”, and ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry declaring that teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman will no longer be allowed, even if the ABS survey is lost. The second addressed the issue of the controversial gender ideology making its way into the public service.

Rev Nile makes the following additional comments:

  • “I am dismayed that my colleagues, especially those who are ordinarily sensitive to civil rights issues, would react to these questions so flippantly.”
  • “I understand there have been reports of legal practitioners being intimidated at work when they express reservations about the proposed legislation.”
  • “I wonder whether the Attorney General can explain why it is now impossible to even be neutral about this issue without being harangued by supporters of the ‘Yes’ campaign.”
  • “I wonder whether the AG can appreciate community fears of their civil rights being eroded, particularly in light of these recent examples of thuggery, and even before the results of the survey have been announced.”
  • “What has the AG done to ensure that Australians will not suffer the same fate of judicial ‘lawfare’ and malicious prosecutions, as we saw in Canada in recent years, and as we are beginning to see here with agenda driven vexatious litigants?”
  • “It seems that we are suffering a chronic failure of leadership in New South Wales, and this is largely due to the moral bankruptcy and insensitivity of our bureaucratic and political class.”

Media inquiries:        Rev. Fred Nile MLC:              (02) 9230 2478

The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC


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