On 12 September 2017, The Rev. Fred Nile MLC gave an adjournment speech before the NSW Upper House on the topic of the “Yes” campaign’s intolerance and bigotry towards opponents of so-called same sex “marriage”.

Rev. Nile has been a strong defender of the rights of all people who dissent from the imposed political correctness of the militant left lobby. For his efforts, he has been targeted by radicals who have disingenuously slandered him and the Christian Democratic Party. Nevertheless, the CDP will not shy away from defending marriage and protecting the civil rights of people who disagree with the latest attempt at extreme social engineering.

An adjournment speech can be made by a member of parliament during a debate held at the end of each sitting day in Parliament. The debate offers an opportunity for parliamentarians to put important issues on the parliamentary record. A copy of Rev. Nile’s adjournment speech is extracted below.



Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE ( 18:16 :53 ):

My adjournment speech will cover the malicious attacks on freedom of religion. Members may be aware of reports in the United States of America that President Trump has ordered the United States Department of Justice to file a brief in support of Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Bakery. The case has become world-famous. It involved two homosexuals who attempted to coerce the bakery, which is owned by Jack Phillips, a Christian, into baking a cake commemorating their union. The bakery’s owner felt that complying with the request to bake the cake would have involved him implicitly in supporting their activity, which is inconsistent with his honestly held religious beliefs.

Following an instruction from President Trump, the United States Department of Justice filed a brief in support of the baker, which has now been criticised by the so-called American Civil Liberties Union. I say “so‑called” because many of these champions of civil liberties seem to have forgotten the civil liberties of those being harassed by the militant homosexual lobby. It should be noted that there were plenty of other bakeries that the two activists could have visited, but they deliberately decided to force their morality on this one small business, driving it into the ground. I understand it has now closed.

The Department of Justice’s involvement in the case shows three important things: first, there are serious civil rights implications connected to the passing of same-sex marriage legislation; secondly, the lobby campaigning for the legislation is driven by a strong desire to force their views on all of society, whether people want it or not; and, thirdly, President Trump’s administration is dedicated to opposing this erosion of civil liberties in the United States of America. I can only hope that we have the same kind of leadership in Australia, but I believe I will be waiting a long time to see that leadership from the current Prime Minister or the Leader of the Federal Opposition.

As the debate over so-called same sex marriage continues to rage on we too have witnessed similar forms of totalitarian tactics from the left. Coopers Brewery was boycotted for sponsoring an organisation, the Bible Society, that facilitated a debate on the issue. Google Maps has removed the name of Margaret Court—one of our most famous Australian female tennis players—for speaking out in favour of traditional marriage. Large corporations such as Qantas have been pushing the message of the Yes campaign onto staff and customers. We have seen the same thing happen with the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, using the Sydney City Council to promote her views by flying the rainbow flag all over the Sydney streets. Other local councils have been using ratepayers’ money to fund one side of the campaign. I do not believe either side should be funded by local councils.

Campaigners on the No side of the debate have had a very difficult time getting fair air play in the media. All opposition to same sex marriage has been denounced automatically as bigoted and hateful. Fake reports of harassment have also been made. This week there was a report of an alleged car attack last Thursday outside a Catholic church. Investigations have shown that there was no such attack, but the media played it up on the news. At the same time, real examples of violence from Yes campaigners have been felt by ordinary Australians. I experienced that a few weeks ago when there was at an open-air rally in Civic Square in Canberra, where groups of protestors interfered with the program, knocked over the lectern and prevented the speakers from speaking to the audience, while about 12 Australian Capital Territory police stood by watching with their arms folded. These examples illustrate an atmosphere of fear perpetrated by those who claim to seek tolerance. Many on the opposing side are simply not interested in facts or honest, open debate. Last week I sent a copy of a press release dated 31 August talking about fake news into the media boxes. It came back vandalised. [Time expired.]

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT ( Dr Mehreen Faruqi ):

The question is that this House do now adjourn.

Motion agreed to.

The House adjourned at 18: 22 until Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 11: 00.

Media inquiries:  Rev. Fred Nile MLC:               (02) 9230 2478

The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC


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