State-Sanctioned Suicide
Coming soon to NSW Parliament

July 8, 2021

Christians and Conservatives alike must never consider the stated intention of legislation alone but rather the trajectory of said legislation and where it will lead.

Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich has on a number of occasions announced his intention to put forward legislation that would in effect legalise euthanasia in NSW.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Mr Greenwich has made ‘concessions’ to the Christian and other faith based communities by providing exemptions in for faith based health providers the right to refuse euthanasia to their patients. It is a remarkable display of ignorance to suggest that the Christian community would support what Catholic Archbishop Dr Anthony Fisher has described as “statesanctioned killing”, a view that I personally agree with.

In Queensland their draft euthanasia legislation has broadened the parameters of who may apply to be killed to include those suffering from mental illness or disability. What could possibly go wrong?

And yet palliative care options are available, are funded and offer quality end of life healthcare. If Mr Greenwich and his supporters were truly sincere about offering healthcare they would throw their support behind palliative care rather than terminating the lives of our vulnerable.

I urge all Members, Supporters and the general public to contact their State Representatives and oppose this legislation NOW.

Yours faithfully,

Media inquiries:
Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC (02) 9230 2478

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