MEDIA RELEASE – 2021 05 31 – Biden Administration drops Pro-Life Amendment


Media Release
Biden Administration drops the Pro-Life Amendment and
Opens the door for publically funded abortion

June 1, 2021

US President Joe Biden has unveiled the details of the proposed
American 2022 budget, amongst other radical spending measures a
truly concerning item is the omission of the Hyde Amendment. The
Hyde Amendment was first passed in 1976 and bans public funding
for abortion. The Hyde Amendment has enjoyed bipartisan support,
even from Catholic Joe Biden himself until 2019 when he decided to
campaign for President. It should be noted that President Biden’s
stance on abortion has caused a split amongst American Catholic
Bishop’s resulting in a statement refusing President Biden
Communion in their respective parishes.

Here in Australia our taxes fund many projects and outcomes that
we may personally disagree with but abortion is a matter of life and
death. Australian taxpayers are currently funding the wilful and
deliberate killing of unborn children. Anyone who is pro-life should
not be forced to fund abortion and it just shows how brazen and
partisan the Biden administration is that they would overturn
decades of bipartisan agreement to satisfy the radical interests of
their far-left of the Democratic Party.

In Australia our Medicare system partially funds abortions, which
means your taxes contribute. The Christian Democratic Party is
unapologetically pro-life and to begin the process of decoupling
Australia from abortion we must start by removing public funding for
this sad practice which kills babies and harms women.
God bless.

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC                                        Lyle Shelton
CDP Federal President                                         Director of Campaigns and Communications
CDP Parliamentary Leader                                   Christian Democratic Party

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