MEDIA RELEASE – 2021 05 14 – Crisis in Israel Worsens Rev Hon Fred Nile prays for peace


Crisis in Israel worsens
Rev Hon Fred Nile prays for peace
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14 May 2021

Thousands of Kassam rockets have been fired from Gaza into the heart of Israel, deaths have rapidly risen on both Israeli and Palestinian sides, countless more have been injured and much civilian infrastructure has been badly damaged or destroyed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the Islamist terror groups will “pay a dear price” and promised that “their blood will be on their heads.” The statement was delivered at a press conference while the Prime Minister stood between Defence Minster Benny Gantz and Israeli Defence Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi. Rev Fred Nile makes the following comments:
– “The peace loving people of Israel have again had to take cover in bomb shelters due to the cowardice of Islamist terrorists who have launched over a thousand rockets from the Gaza region into Israel.”

–  “Israel has had to live with this kind of aggression against its civilian population from the moment of its inception. These have to be the bravest and most resilient people on the planet.”
–  “Freedom loving people the world over stand with the victims of these cowardly attacks, we stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Cabinet as he commits to clearing his country of terrorism, we stand with Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign and proud nation.”
– “The Christian Democratic Party reaffirms its support for the Israeli cause in the Middle East.”
–  “I pray for peace and that this latest conflict be brought to a rapid conclusion and for the healing process to begin in this war ravaged nation.”

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