MEDIA RELEASE – 2021 04 14 – CDP Supports NCC Industry Policy White Paper


CDP Supports NCC Industry Policy White Paper

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April 14, 2021

Dear Members and Supporters, The National Civic Council has released its industrial policy white paper “Manufacturing: Double Production by 2035”. The white paper has obviously influenced the current federal government in its own inquiries as to the future of Australia’s continued economic development. Notably, the white paper represents an age old wisdom that for too long has been ignored by financial experts who have instead pushed for the continued integration of all national economies into a global market. Some of this old wisdom is desperately needed in Australia I we are to truly be a sovereign nation that can stand on its own as an equal player on the world stage. Rev Nile makes the following additional comments:

– “The ability for a nation to make things is essential for its national independence. We have for far too long fallen to the spell of neoliberalism which wants the whole world integrated into a single economic and co-dependent unit.”

– “Treating the whole world as one market or one economy is irresponsible. It has resulted in the environmental degradation of poorer nations and the gutting of the West’s industrial capacities.”

– “The deindustrialisation of Australia and the rest of the West has been a disaster for our people. We have become dependent on overseas sources of material goods and forgotten how to make them ourselves in times of crisis. The recent corona related supply chain interruptions have been a perfect reminder of how this has made us vulnerable.”

– “What is need is an industry policy that puts the national interest first, not an abstract economic or financial interest first. After all, I and my colleagues have been elected by the people of Australia, not a global financial elite.”

Yours faithfully,

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

CDP Federal President & CDP MLC


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