Last night Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC and his wife Silvana Nile were interviewed on Christian Youth Channel about the upcoming Same Sex so-called “Marriage” postal survey.

Host Mina Ibrahim specifically focused on the Coptic Christian perspective. They were joined by Graham MacDonald, Executive Officer of the DIDUNO Network.

The whole episode was devoted to the Same Sex so-called “marriage” debate.

In his introduction, host Mina Ibrahim noted the topic was important for viewers, especially at this time. “It’s important right now because we have the power. We have the power to vote.”

Rev Nile began the interview with a warning; “We’re facing a real crisis in our country… where a small group of people want to change marriage.”

If you have young people in your world, particularly those who believe marriage is “just a piece of paper” or “how can you vote ‘no’ to Love?” please share this video with them. Our youth need to understand that family is the foundation of our society. When you change family, you change the whole order of society. And you will fundamentally change what ordinary Aussies will be able to say and do at work, school and university.

P.S. In just two weeks time, Australians will start receiving their postal survey forms. Please consider making a donation if you are able to support CDP continue to fight for marriage at this crucial time.


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