7 September 2017

Today the High Court rejected the challenge to the upcoming postal ballot on same-sex “marriage”. Andrew Wilkie MP (Independent), Senator Janet Rice (Greens), activist Felicity Marlowe (Rainbow Families convenor), pressure groups “PFLAG” and “Australian Marriage Equality” questioned the legality of the Commonwealth government’s proposed postal vote.

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC welcomes the High Court decision and offers the following comments:

  • “I am grateful that the Australian public will ultimately decide whether or not to redefine the concept of marriage in Australian law.”
  • “The campaign to legalise same-sex homosexual ‘marriage’ has been doing everything it can to prevent this question being decided in a democratic way.”
  • “I suspect that proponents of same sex homosexual ‘marriage’ probably aren’t as confident as they claim to be about levels of public support for their position.”
  • “I expect that the ‘Yes’ campaign will now double–down on their misleading, defamatory and divisive rhetoric.”
  • “Although we are used to the radical left’s tactics, we will continue to call for this debate to be respectful and truthful.”


Media inquiries:  Rev. Fred Nile MLC:               (02) 9230 2478

Sharon Jones, CDP Office:      (02) 9633 3255


The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC

Pic Credit: Andrew Dyson, Sydney Morning Herald, originally published here.


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