The Christian Democratic Party is supporting the following Local Government Candidates:

Blacktown City Council Ward 2

Ward 2 Group B Christian Democratic Party
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Ju (Chris), Aaron, Larissa

Campbelltown City Council

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John Ramsay – Head Candidate

John is an accountant and tax consultant, and has worked as a financial planner to reduce the burden of financial stress on households and families. As part of this work, John regularly gives time as a volunteer in the community providing free tax returns to low income people, and in a recognition of these selfless acts, has received a community service award from the Australian Tax Office.

‘I personally believe that Christian values are the best way to build a strong community and develop harmony within this community. I also believe in a strong work ethic and hope to help local businesses give employment to local people. We can’t do this without your help – let’s shake the old system up and vote for John Ramsay Christian Democtatic Party at the upcoming Campbelltown council election’ – John Ramsay

  • John Ramsay
  • Emma Ramsay
  • Colin Broadbridge
  • Youssef Riad
  • Maria Ibrahim
  • Maria Sawiris
  • Christopher Megaly
  • Anthony Fanous
Fairfield City Council - Cabravale Ward, Fairfield Ward, Parks Ward

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Sam, Mariam, & Milan

Cabravale Ward

  • Milan Maksimovic (Mayoral Candidate)
  • Hilda Youkhanna
  • Stephen Fawkes
  • David Fawkes

Parks Ward
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Fairfield Ward
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  • Sam Georgis
  • Liza Khoshaba (Georgis)
  • John Stephen
  • Vergeen Ebrahim
Penrith City Council - South Ward

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Rev Ross Hutchinson, Maurice Girotto, Jennifer Schofield

Maurice Girotto (Head Candidate)
Current Penrith Councillor, along with others being the voice against the Major parties, strong advocate for Community Consultation as per the Airport, eg, if the Community want it when informed well so be it but if the Community once informed don’t want it, that has to be the direction we go.

We are the Servants of the Community not the Masters.

Rev Ross Hutchison
Long time resident of Penrith.
Patron of a number of Local Organisations.
Works daily with the Homeless and Under privileged.

Jennifer Schofield
Long time Resident.
Mother of 3.
Accounts Manager in the Private Sector.
Member of the Trinity School establishment Committee.
Member of the Holy Spirit School Committee.
Member of the Holy Spirit refurbishment Committee.

  • Maurice Girotto
  • Ross Hutchison
  • Jennifer Scholfield
  • Jocelyn Kerlin
  • Bernard Kerlin
Moree Plains Shire Council

Download the How To Vote Card for Moree Plains Shire Council
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Glen Ryan

  1. I aim to present resident’s ideas and needs before Council and follow through to get results
  2. Get the empty shops in the main street occupied and lift the image of our CBD
  3. Investigate ways of getting new businesses in town
  4. Investigate ways of getting the Gateway out of the “white elephant” status
  5. Investigate ways of increasing youth employment
  6. Investigate ways to stem the tide of substance abuse
  7. Investigate ways to help struggling families: both indigenous and non-indigenous
  8. Get Moree on “the map” with more events such as music festivals, concerts, sporting events, etc.
  9. Improve maintenance on footpaths and laneways – Albert Street has not been properly edged for 4 years

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