In late breaking news, Former federal Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, will interview Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC on his show Outsiders, tonight at 8pm (AEST).

Rev Nile has a simple message for Australia:

Save Marriage. Vote “No”!

You can watch one of 4 ways:

The show will include several topics (such as the latest fad of rewriting history by destroying statues).

Rev Nile’s interview will focus on Same Sex so-called “Marriage”.

With the electoral roll closing tomorrow night, it is vital that we spread the news about checking enrollment so everyone who is eligible to vote can have their say.

Since the Postal Survey was announced, more people have updated their enrollment than voted for either the Nationals or the Greens in last year’s federal election.

And there’s been a flood of new enrollments. The electoral roll increased by 36,769 between 8 & 20 August alone.

Pic Credit: Sharon Jones, CDP Media Manager

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