You may know long-time member and supporter of CDP, Judy Russell, who was also Rev Nile’s Secretary for 21 years in Parliament House.  Judy, who retired only 2 years ago and is still working with Rev Nile in various ways, has written to ask support from those that share the vision of moving our embassy to Jerusalem:

I have great joy in attaching a covering letter concerning a recently raised petition to the Australian Senate requesting our Parliament to move the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, together with the petition itself.


Those who have had significant input into this initiative, over some months, ask that you cover these endeavours with prayer that the Lord would move in a marvellous way across our nation.  We firmly believe this initiative is of the Lord Whose mighty hand is over the land of Australia where He set us, in His Master Plan, under the Southern Cross.  We are receiving growing endorsement for this endeavour from Jewish organisations in Australia and are delighted with their positive and affirming response.


If you share our vision we would ask that you download multiple copies of the blank petition and then seek many, many signatures so that we would have a real impact upon our parliament and our nation.  Please also send the covering letter and the petition on to your own contacts and networks so that they may do the same.  Those of us who will be in Beersheba on the very significant date of 31st October 2017 will also seek signatures from the thousands of Australians who will be gathering there for the commemorative events for the 100th Anniversary of the Light Horse charge.


We have heard some sinister utterances against Israel in recent days from both former Australian leaders and those who desire leadership, which we don’t and won’t accept.  Let us pray Psalm 55:9 over this situation and any others that would speak and murmur against Israel from our cities, especially Canberra. Confuse, O Lord, divide their tongues, For I have seen violence and strife in the city”.    Let us together, in our neighbourhoods, our towns, our cities, our States and Territories and across our nation take a mighty stand with the Lord of Hosts as we seek to bless Israel, particularly Jerusalem, and in so-doing our own land.


Please send the completed petitions as soon as possible to the Principal Petitioner, using the address on the petition.  We desire to receive thousands of petitions before the cut-off date of 11th November.  May the Lord bless and magnify our efforts as we work with Him and for Him, desiring Australia to be counted as a sheep nation when the Lord judges the nations (Joel 3:1-2).


In His Mighty Name


Judy Russell

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