Wednesday 24th February 2016 Parliamentary question time

Rev. Hon. FRED NILE MLC: I ask the Hon. Duncan Gay, representing the Premier, Mike Baird, a question without notice. Is it a fact that the Safe Schools Coalition Course, which is funded by the Federal Government, encourages boys to wear girls’ school uniforms, teaches chest binding and “tucking” techniques and other activities?

Is it a fact that because of the massive protests by parents the Federal Government announced yesterday that it will conduct a three-month review of the course? While this review is being conducted will the New South Wales Government immediately withdraw the Safe Schools Coalition course from New South Wales schools while it is being assessed for its suitability for 11-year-old schoolchildren?

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY MLC: I thank the member for his question. Sadly, I have to admit I am unaware of the Safe Schools Coalition course but it is obviously one of concern; it is an issue that is out there. Given that it is a question for the Premier and involves Federal intervention, I will refer the question to the Premier.

Authorised by the Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

26/2/2016 – Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC said: SCRAP SAFE SCHOOLS COALITION COURSE 

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC: Dramatic changes at one of our State High Schools, the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. The article reads:

‘Students at a leading Sydney high school have won a battle to change their uniform policy to allow students to wear boys or girls uniforms regardless of their gender. Newtown High School of the Performing Arts students lobbied the school’s administration to have the new uniform policy implemented last week. “Our aim was to remove the un-inclusive gender labels from the school uniform, and make it so that anyone could wear any aspect of the uniform without having to go through a long and difficult process,” said Jo Dwyer, a year 11 student at the school.’

Some members may be somewhat surprised at this development, as I am. However, I am not completely surprised because it is part of the Safe Schools Coalition course that has been introduced into a large number of public schools. The main point of the course is to remove any gender distinction between boys and girls. I have a copy of the course kit. It contains photographs of boys wearing the girls’ uniform and so on. The point of the Safe Schools Coalition course is to remove what they call gender distinctions so that boys can wear girls’ uniforms and girls can wear boys’ uniforms. Members may be surprised as to the origins of the course.

I have received a report that the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition program says that the program is to stop bullying and suicides. She told a Marxist conference that the program was part of a wider Marxist strategy to radically change society. Roz Ward, from La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society, told the Melbourne 2015 Marxist conference:

“In 2010 … I was the person who set up Safe Schools Coalition in Victoria.”

This program has now been expanded to become a federally funded Safe Schools Coalition Australia [SSCA] program. Roz Ward went on to say that “as part of this process of exploitation, capitalists have imposed cultural and moral norms around sex, marriage and the natural family that inhibit sexual freedom,” she said that “this capitalist social and cultural construct extends to every aspect of our society.” She went on to say: “Apart from social stigma and discrimination, almost every single structure in society is set up to accommodate only two possible genders, male or female. Historically, all societies have accepted that there are two genders, male and female”.

Roz Ward went on to say that everything from toilets we use, the school uniforms, changing rooms, all official documents, passports, the processes that you go through airports; everything is divided into these two limited gender options. She indicated that policies of sexual liberation were introduced in the Soviet Union, but I am pleased to say that, under its democratic government, the Soviet Union has scrapped that Marxist program to remove gender discrimination. The Federal Government has announced a review of the Safe Schools Coalition course, and I am very pleased it has because up until now it has been defending the course. That review will indicate harmful aspects of this course.

It is supposed to remove bullying, but if children do not take part in the course they are bullied by other children in the school. The course therefore encourages bullying through the school process. I am very concerned also that the Safe Schools Coalition approach is to lock out the parents—the parents are not to know what is happening in the Safe Schools Coalition program; most parents would be deeply concerned about it. It is very important that the State Government immediately withdraws any approval of the Safe Schools Coalition program in New South Wales State schools and that parent and schools are advised of that decision.
– Said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

Authorised by the Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC


While we support the Prime Minister’s request to review the ‘Safe Schools’ Program, for many of our school students around the country it is too little, too late. The Australian Federal Government had already commenced rolling out the $8 million ‘Safe Schools’ program, and countless numbers of children have already been exposed to this harmful material. The program targets vulnerable High School students from 11 years of age and promotes the Homosexual and Transgender agenda. This dangerous program ends in 2018.

The program aims to teach children the meaning of ‘queer’, ‘pansexual’, ‘sister girl’ and ‘trans guy’. The program encourages children as young as 11 to imagine that they are 16 and in a same-sex relationship. Dismayingly, the program provides instructions for girls on chest-binding and genital tucking for boys or having boys in girls’ toilets.

Christian groups and outraged and parents have started to voice their protest over the program to the Federal Minister for Education, Senator Birmingham, who has defended the objectives of the program saying it has “perfectly reasonable objectives”.

The CDP is calling on the Federal Government to immediately defund and ban the use of this ‘Safe Schools’ program in our schools. 

“This so-called “Safe Schools” program is not protecting children from bullying. It is more like a government sponsored promotion of the pro-Homosexual lobby agenda. The program aims to indoctrinate and confuse our young, innocent and vulnerable students during their adolescent years” said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC.

Naturally, we are deeply concerned about the proliferation of such programs which are ideologically driven with the aim of recruiting children. Our CDP MP’s will aggressively oppose all these programs if elected to the Federal Government.

Authorised by the Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC


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