Andrew Bolt has recently exposed misinformation spread by the Australian media concerning a so-called “Stop the Fags” poster displayed in a Melbourne alley. Allegedly, the existence and use of the poster has not been independently verified. Instead, we have been informed, that Channel 10 photoshopped an image onto a stock photo of a bus shelter as “evidence” that opponents of same sex “marriage” have used the poster in their campaign.

The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC comments:

·     “We’ve heard a lot about fake news in recent years, and this is just a classic example here in Australia. No wonder the public has lost all faith in the media’s ability to objectively report about this issue.”

·     “Why do those campaigning for the other side feel the need to lie to the public? These techniques are obviously designed to divide the community, stoking fear and anger.”

·     “We have once again witnessed the extremists of the homosexual lobby turn the marriage debate into an ugly caricature of itself. Advocates of so-called same sex ‘marriage’ frequently accuse us of spreading malicious falsehoods, yet here they are doing exactly that.”

·     “The hypocrisy of the same sex ‘marriage’ agitators is becoming more and more evident with each passing week.”

Pic Credit: @DanLMcG on twitter.

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