Rev Fred Nile of the Christian Democratic Party, for 34 years, has continued to protect the principles of the Judeo Christianity and traditions.

The Greens have viciously continued to aim to destroy the essence and existence of all Christian based values in our society. Society must become aware and assess the many evident strategies that the left are aggressively adopting to dismantle the traditional and Christian-based influence in our Australian society.

Just recently, we experienced an unprecedented unauthorised banning of Christian based books taught in Special Religious Education in schools, which later were reinstated, following much effort from numerous channels, including church leaders and government members.

Not only is the Green’s agenda to ultimately diminish traditional values, rights and practice, they deceivingly also aim to infiltrate and impose their ideologies on our society; dismayingly aiming for the most vulnerable, the youth and children.

The left and the Green’s ideologies and in particular their aim to ‘normalise’ homosexuality, their push for same sex marriage and the aim to advance the overall homosexual agenda in our society and schools, is unethical and must be essentially put to a halt.

First, there was the banning of SRE books, and then there were the imposed changes to SRE classes, which pushed for ethic studies as a substitute to the religious based curriculum.

There is also now the push for the homosexual agenda onto our young via the deceiving Safe Schools Program which is being implemented in schools and evidently promotes homosexuality. The Greens, via the Safe Schools Program, aim to discredit and diminish any reference to the natural heterosexual relationship and families by claiming discrimination against homosexuality.

It is evident, that the real victims are those who aim to maintain their heritage, traditional values and religious rights without being branded a bigot by the aggressively savvy tactics of the left, masterminded and funded by billions, in a worldwide strategy to dominate and shift society’s traditional foundations.

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