The CDP is calling for Nominations stand as a Candidate at the upcoming Local Government elections to be held Saturday 10 September 2016. All pre-selected candidates will be funded by the CDP.

There is also provision for CDP to provide, in special circumstances, administrative support for Independent candidates as determined by the Pre-Selection Committee.

The details and conditions are as follows:

  • All Nominations must in writing on the CDP Nomination Form available from Head Office or by clicking here.
  • CDP funded Candidate must be Financial Member of CDP (Application Form available from Head Office or by clicking here).
  • All Nominations must be lodged at CDP Head Office by close of business Monday 25th July

The Pre-Selection Committee comprises of Hon. Paul Green MLC, Greg Bondar – NSW CDP State Director and one Independent Panel member (TBA).

Candidate Interviews may be held, where necessary, by the Pre-Selection Committee.

The Timetable for the Local Government elections is as follows:

  1. Nominations Open 1st August with the Electoral Commission of NSW – CDP will lodge these for all CDP funded candidates
  2. Nominations Close Wednesday 10th August with the Electoral Commission of NSW
  3. Pre-Polling commences 29th August
  4. Pre-Polling closes 9th September
  5. Election Day 10th September

If your council is administering its own election (e.g. Penrith City Council) please click and watch the following video:
Local Council Elections 2016 Candidate Information Presentation for Council Administered Elections

The Councils that will be holding elections (non-merger Councils) are as follows:

The CDP Head Office will issue further details to all candidates and members once nominations have been received.

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