Supporters of the status quo (the two party duopoly) and leftists often criticise the Australian based Christian Democratic Party (CDP) and regularly argue that there should be a separation of ‘church and state’. In practice, this separation already exists in Australia. The CDP does NOT represent any church. Australia does not have a governing church authority that decides our fate.

This does not mean that we have to separate our faith and beliefs from politics. Christian Democratic Parties exist all around the world particularly in Europe and South America. Their ideologies and policy platforms vary from nation to nation depending on their local traditions and politics.  Below is a list of nations where Christian Democratic Parties have been operating for decades.

1 – Christian Democrat and Peoples Parties International (CDI-IDC)
2 – Christian Democratic Party (Australia)
3 – Christian Heritage Party (Canada)
4 – Christian Peoples Alliance (United Kingdom)
5 – Christian Heritage Party of New Zealand
6 – Kristdemokraterna The Christian-Democrats (Sweden)
7 – Partido Demócrata Cristiano Christian Democratic Party (Argentina)
8 – Aruba Peoples Party (Aruba)
9 – Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams partij- Christian Democratic Flemish Party (Belgium)
10 – Parti Social Chrétien Christian Social Party, Walloon (Belgium)
11 – Christlich-Soziale Partei Social Christian Party German-speaking (Belgium)
12 – Hrvatska kr_canska demokratska unija Croatian Christian Democratic Union (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
13 – Partido Social Cristão Christian Social Party (Brazil)
14 – Partido Social Democrata Christão Christian Social Democratic Party (Brazil)
15 – Democracia Cristiana Christian Democrats (Chile)
16 – Hrvatska Krscanska Demokratska Stranka Croatian Christian Democratic Party (Croatia)
17 – Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba Christian Democratic Party of Cuba
18 – Krestansko-demokraticka unie – Ceskoslovenska strana lidova (KDU-CSL)
Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak Peoples’ Party (Czech Republic)
19 – Kristeligt Folkeparti (Denmark)
20 – Suomen Kristillinen Liitto (SKL) Christian Union of Finland
21 – Christian Democratic Union of Georgia (Georgia)
22 – Christlich-Demokratische Union Christian Democratic Union (Germany)
23 – Christlich Soziale Union in Bayern Christian Social Union of Bavaria (Germany)
24 – Partei Bibeltreuer Christen Party of Bible Believing Christians (Germany)
25 – Keresztény Demokrata Néppárt (KDNP) Christian-Democratic People’s Party (Hungary)
26 – Muintir na hEireann Ireland Peoples Party (Ireland)
27 – Centro Cristiano Democratici Christian Democratic Center (Italy)
28 – Christiani Democratici Uniti Christian Democratic Unity (Italy)
29 – Partito Democratico Cristiano Democratic Christian Party (Italy)
30 – Patto Cristiano Esteso Broad Christian Party (Italy)
31 – Guardians of the Cedars Representing the Christians of Lebanon
32 – Lebanese Forces Representing the Christians of Lebanon
33 – Lietuvos krikscioniu demokratu partija (LKDP) Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party (Lithuania)
34 – Chrëschtlich Sozial Vollekspartei Christian Social Peoples Party (Luxembourg)
35 – Partidul Popular Crestin Democrat Christian Democrat Peoples Party (Moldova)
36 – Christen-Democratisch Appel Christian Democratic Appeal (Netherlands)
* 37 – ChristenUnie Christian Union (Netherlands)
38 – Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij Political Reformed Party (Netherlands)
39 – Ulster Christian Democrat Party (Northern Ireland)
* 40 – Kristelig Folkeparti Christian Peoples Party (Norway)
41 – Chrzescijanska Demokracja III Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Christian Democracy of the Third Polish Republic (Poland)
42 – Zjednoczenie Chrescijansko-Narodowe Christian National Union (Poland)
43 – Partidul National Taranesc Crestin Democrat National Farmers’ Party-Christian and Democratic (Romania)
44 – Alianta Nationala Crestin Democrata Christian-Democratic National Alliance (Romania)
45 – Movement Ave Maria (Russia)
46 – Rossijskaya Chrsiansko-Demokraticheskaya Partiya Russian Christian-Democratic Party (Russia)
47 – Partito Democratico Cristiano Sammarinese Sanmarinese Christian-Democratic Party (San Marino)
48 – Krest’ansko-demokratické hnutie Christian Democratic Movement (Slovakia)
49 – Slovenská demokratická a krestanská únia Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (Slovakia)
50 – Nova Slovenija Kr_canski Ljudska Stranka New Slovenia Christian People’s Party (Slovenia)
51 – Unió Democrática de Catalunya Democratic Union of Catalonia (Spain)
52 – Euzko Alberdi Jeltzalea/Partido Nacionalista Vasco Basque Nationalist Party (Spain)
53 – Christlich-Demokratische Volkspartei der Schweiz Christian Democratic People’s Party (Switzerland)
54 – Evangelische Volkspartei der Schweiz Evangelical People’s Party (Switzerland)
* 55 – Partiya Khrystyyans’ko-Narodnyy Soyuz Party of Christian-Popular Union (Ukraine)
56 – African Christian Democratic Party – South Africa

In Germany, the Christian Democratic Party is the ruling party. Even though Australia is a multiracial society where different cultures co-exist, and acknowledging the unique place that indigenous Australians hold in our nation as the original Australians, Australia is a nation that is built on Judeo-Christian values. Indeed, the separation of church and state is a principle that is deeply rooted in Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage; that principle is a biblical edict.

That the church must be separate from the state does not preclude the existence of political organisations that advocate for the preservation of Judeo-Christian values in our laws, culture and way of life.

The Christian Democratic Party fills a void in our political system left by the major parties and provides a potent counterbalance to other political parties that take an openly hostile stance to our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. The existence of similar groups around the world demonstrates that the Christian Democratic Party is not a radical, far-right party, but a legitimate political force that has an important role to play in political debate that shapes our nation’s future. There is no church that has authority over our members or our policies. We represent our constituents that have elected us to be their voice in Parliament.

Today there are many politicians and even political parties such as the Greens that campaign hard to suppress our Christian values, heritage and traditions. The Christian Democratic Party is the only Australian political party with elected parliamentarians that proudly and shamelessly stands firm against these campaigns against Christianity, Christian Values, Religious Freedom and Free Speech.

If you believe in preserving what remains of our Christian heritage and strengthening traditional family values then it is imperative that all Australians in New South Wales do the right thing on the 28 March 2015 and Vote 1 Christian Democratic Party in Group Q (above the line) as well as voting 1 for your local CDP candidate. Give your number 2 vote to your next candidate of choice if you wish.


Peter Tadros

Legislative Council Candidate


Phone: (02) 9633 3255 or 1300 667 975
Fax: (02) 9687 5848
Address: PO Box 8456, Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150

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