Christian Democratic Party opposes Religious Discrimination Bill

February 10, 2022

With utmost reluctance the Christian Democratic Party announces today our opposition to the Religious Discrimination Bill 2021.

We are not alone in our opposition.

The Christian Democratic PartyFamily VoiceAustralian Christian LobbyChristian Schools Association and many others initially welcomed this Bill. The Bill was never a strong Bill but set vital and necessary religious protections.

This has now changed.

After successive amendments were made by Labor, crossbenchers and moderate ‘Liberals’ we have decided to withdraw our support. This now dangerous Bill takes away the rights of Christians to practice their faith-based standards within their organisations.

This Bill does not protect Christians. Ironically it discriminates against Christians instead.

This Bill was never going to be supported by the rainbow lobby but the Prime Minister has conceded to their demands. In doing so the Prime Minister has incensed Christians in an election year. A dangerous move.

I am grateful that this Bill has been taken off the agenda and deferred until later this year. In contemporary Australia we need increased protections for our faith but we do not need this dangerous Bill.

Yours faithfully,

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

02 9230 2478

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