There has been media speculation that Rev Fred Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, may be offered the Presidency of the Legislative Council after the Election.

“To set the record straight, this is the first time that the topic of the Presidency has occurred between the Premier and me, via media speculation and not personally” Rev Fred Nile stated.

Rev Fred Nile has been the leader of the Christian Democratic Party for 34 years in the Legislative Council (NSW Senate), holding the balance of power.

“I am most proud of an absolutely clear record. The major parties have trusted me to Chair many Select Parliamentary Committees over these years, knowing that I will always take the fair path and make fair decisions.

“I can assure families, pensioners and the people of NSW that I will continue to demand lower power prices.  Power is a necessity and the Government should not burden people with higher bills. The protection of people’s rights and Aussie values has always come first for our party” Rev Fred Nile stated.

There have been conditions put on the sale of poles and wires which the Christian Democratic Party has firmly announced in the past few weeks. Mr Nile confirmed that he wants a 5 year guarantee for all jobs and entitlements of workers and a 5 year decrease in power costs to benefit all and no foreign ownership.

Finally, we will move to establish a Select Parliamentary Committee to investigate the proposed leasing of the ‘poles and wires’ to establish all the relevant facts and benefits” said Rev Fred Nile.

“I want the Government to guarantee that there will be no foreign ownership. We must keep Australian industry in Australia and Aussie jobs here for Aussies” stated Rev Fred Nile.


Rev. Hon. Fred Nile ED., L.Th., M.L.C.

Parliamentary Leader, Christian Democratic Party
Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9230 2478 | Facsimile: (02) 9230 2098

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