The Coalition of Marriage aired its latest campaign video last night. Advertising authorities gave the video an “MA” rating due to the content. The 30 second video opens with Roz Ward, formerly of La Trobe University and advocate for the Safe-Schools programme, linking gay marriage with the controversial LGBTI sex and gender program. The video then shows direct quotes from Safe-Schools material which state heterosexual “sex is not the only sex and certainly not the ultimate sex” and that “it’s a total lie that all guys have dicks, that all girls have vaginas.” The Rev. Fred Nile MLC makes the following additional comments:

  • “The only lie here is that so-called same-sex ‘marriage’ won’t result in a dangerous ideology being pushed on children as young as twelve.”
  • “We’ve heard it straight – no pun intended – from the horse’s mouth: radical ‘gay’ sex education will be the next step.”
  • “It’s telling that their own material can’t be shown before 8:30pm, and has to have an MA rating, but will be force-fed in primary schools throughout Australia.”
  • “Changing the law on this fundamental issue will have lasting and damaging consequences, and parents won’t be able to object for fear of being called ‘bigots’.”

Media inquiries: Rev. Fred Nile MLC:            (02) 9230 2478

The Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile MLC

24 October 2017

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