The Federal President of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), The Rev. Hon Fred Nile MLC, is today urging Liberal Party voters in North Sydney to vote for CDP candidate Silvana Nero ahead of the Liberal and other candidates at the forthcoming by-election.

Liberal voters appalled by the recent ousting of Tony Abbott by Malcolm Turnbull are being encouraged to send the Liberals a protest message by shifting their first vote away from the Liberal candidate, Trent Zimmerman, to CDP conservative candidate Silvana Nero. The local Liberal Party branch members and voters now have the opportunity to send a clear message to the Liberal Party on the ‘orchestrated’ selection of its candidate and to put the Liberal Party parliamentary wing on notice.

“We believe the nation’s recovery from the Labor years, and the promise of urgently needed reforms, lies in the hands of conservative voters in seats like North Sydney,” says Rev. Nile.  “The voters of North Sydney have the voting power to ensure that its voice is heard by voting for the only viable conservative option in Silvana Nero,” added Rev. Nile.

“Elected Prime Ministers should only be replaced by electors who voted and not by ‘back-room’ deals and Liberal Party factions. The voters of North Sydney now have a golden opportunity to send a clear message to the rest of the nation and the Liberal Party machine,” said Silvana Nero.

Whilst the CDP has committed itself to supporting the Liberals’ legislative agenda it will not do so where Liberal policy contravenes CDP core values and policies.
For 34 years the CDP has stood for Aussie values and traditions, job and national security, industry protection, infrastructure enhancement, better healthcare, workplace equality and one law for all Australians. The Christian Democratic Party is the only conservative option for voters in North Sydney.

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