Antony Green, Australia’s best Election Analyst has predicted the likelihood of a Christian Democratic Party Senate Candidate winning a Senate Seat if the likely double dissolution election is called for the 2nd of July:

“You would expect the Coalition vote to improve on its 2013 result, but getting above the 42% level to have a chance for a sixth seat looks problematic. Preferences with the Christian Democrats may be important in delivering either a sixth Coalition seat, or Coalition preferences delivering a seat to the Christian Democrats
– said Antony Green (reference:

Since the ousting of Prime Minister Tony Abbott in September 2015 the CDP has had a steady influx of new membership applications from former Liberal party members – voters who are disillusioned with the disgraceful way that the former Prime Minister was treated, and now disenchanted by a party that is clearly moving away from its conservative roots. As a result of this obvious shift the party is venting many loyal supporters.

 “On average, we’ve received 10-20 new memberships a month from disenchanted Liberal party members who have been very vocal in their mistrust of the current government and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and who have declared that they will not be voting Liberal again,” said Greg Bondar, CDP Federal Director


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Authorised by Greg Bondar, Federal Secretariat, Christian Democratic Party, 1 Wentworth St Parramatta 2150

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