The year is fast drawing to an end and what a tumultuous year it has been. At Federal level we witnessed the disgraceful ousting of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott as the western world struggles with the ongoing Islamist terror threat which seems to be getting worse every month.

Earlier this year, the Rev Hon Fred Nile was re-elected to the NSW upper house for another 8-year term and we give thanks for this great victory. What a blessing for the Christian Democratic Party (CDP). Rev Nile re-joined CDP colleague Hon. Paul Green MLC and CDP continues to hold the balance of power in NSW.

As we approach Christmas we need to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to suffer across the Muslim world. Our policy is that Christian refugees should be given priority in any humanitarian refugee intake as they have nowhere else to turn to unlike Muslim refugees who could be relocated to nearby Muslim nations.

Wishing you a blessed, Holy and joyful Christmas.

Rev. Hon Fred Nile MLC – CDP National President

Dr Ross Clifford – CDP NSW President



We are now preparing for the 2016 Federal Election and, more than ever, there is a desperate need for strong conservative representation at all levels of government.

Australian’s nationwide will have an opportunity to ‪#‎Vote1CDP at the upcoming 2016 Federal Election. We are fielding candidates in every State and Territory and will make further announcements in coming weeks.

The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) is the only minor party which has a proven track record spanning 34 years. The CDP currently holds the balance of power in the NSW Upper House with 2 MP’s.

For 34 years the CDP has stood for Aussie values and traditions, job and national security, industry protection, infrastructure enhancement, better healthcare, workplace equality and One Law for all Australians.



We have all witnessed an alarming surge in anti-Christian policies from institutions, governments and the media, including:

  • Proposed changes to the Army Chaplain motto to avoid ‘offending Muslims’
  • Catholic Bishops have been called before an anti-discrimination board over a church booklet promoting traditional marriage
  • Introduction of damaging pro-homosexual promotion in our schools
  • Banning of scripture during school hours in Victorian schools
  • Victorian government BANNING hymns BEING sung in state schools

The CDP will continue to stand firmly against the ongoing attacks against our faith and Christian heritage, however, we need your ongoing support as we seek to defend our traditional Aussie values and basic freedom.

We therefore invite you, once again, to partner with us as we expand and empower the CDP across all states as the only true national ‘Conservative Alternative’ political party.


We invite you to contact us today to register as a volunteer to assist with letter boxing, posters and campaign launches by emailing

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today

Donations by individuals to registered political parties of between $2 and $1,500 in a financial year are tax deductible.

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