The recent antics of MITCHELL Pearce urgently highlights the need for the NRL to completely overhaul its Code of Conduct for all players based on Christian ethics and values. Rugby League is Australia’s number one entertaining sport with a strong history dating back to its creation in 1908.

It is a sad social reality that kids and the sporting youth of today look at our NRL players as ‘Role Models’ and so any lewd, sexually immoral or alcohol fuelled actions by players impacts on youth of all ages, the volunteers and the general community.

Rugby League is a community-based sport played by thousands of youth right across Australia, especially in country areas and as such its impact on those playing and watching the sport are inevitable.

The CDP calls on the NRL to immediately overhaul its Code of Conduct basing it upon sound moral and Christian values and ethics. The CDP is prepared to provide names of Christian-based counsellors and advisers who can assist the NRL with regular Code of Conduct sessions for all players.

The NRL Rugby League players have lost their understanding of acceptable social values and ethics. #Mitchell Pearce #NRL

The NRL Integrity Unit needs to adopt a community based standard Code of Conduct based on Christian ethics and values,” said Greg Bondar. #Mitchell Pearce #NRL

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