Building Better Communities
CDP – The Conservative Alternative
2016 Federal Election Campaign

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The Christian Democratic Party is the only party you can TRUST to be the conscience of our nation

The CDP is a voice for:

• The traditional definition of family and marriage – marriage between one man and one woman
We support a plebiscite based on the principles of a referendum on proposed changes to
the Marriage Act, drawn up by objective legal experts.
One law for All – Australian Law
No Sharia Law, Australian law only. We call for a full and public federal investigation into
the halal certification industry and full accountability as to all proceeds and profits by that industry.
• Our children – protecting them from the ‘agenda against gender’
We seek to end the (un)Safe Schools progam with its Marxist, gender diminishing agenda.
• Defend our Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech
We support the removal of the words ‘offend’ and ‘insult’ from section 18C of the
Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
• No cuts to Medicare – end the freeze
We support an accessible and affordable health care system for all Australians. We do not support co-payments, or co-payments by stealth through the proposed freeze on Medicare funding.

Let your beliefs guide your vote this election, Vote 1 CDP!

  • More Jobs
  • Better Education
  • Improved Health
  • More Infrastructure
  • Traditional Family Unit
  • Tax Reform
  • Border Security
  • No Foreign Ownership of Land
  • Stronger Communities
  • One Law for All – No Sharia Law
  • No GST Increase
  • Backing Australia’s Heritage
  • Building Regional Australia
  • Action on Environment
  • Caring for the Aged
  • Engaging with Indigenous Australians
  • Religious Freedom
  • Creating Small Businesses

Read our National Charter here

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