The Mayor of Albury, Kevin Mack, has cautioned women not to walk alone at night following the alleged rape of a 17 year old girl.

Rev. Fred Nile, the Leader of the Christian Democratic Party claims that our legal system and society is failing to protect women and suppressing their basic rights to freedoms.

“It is unacceptable that Mr Mack has claimed that women walking alone at night is ‘an invitation to be taken advantage of’. In fact, it’s a direct form of suppressing women’s independence and freedoms which are the basis of our democratic Nation.

“Australia is not one of those nations which forcibly and deliberately weaken the freedoms and rights of women.   Our society must aim to continue to protect all women in our society” stated Rev. Nile.

A study released in the Lancet medical journal indicated that a staggering 16.4 per cent of women over 15 years old in Australia have been a victim of sexual assault by a person who wasn’t their partner. This compares to the global average of 7.2 per cent. What role does violent sexual videos and legal pornography play in these high Australian figures?

“With crime statistics against women more than double the global rate and on the rise, it is evident that our legal system is also drastically flawed and it’s failing to address the protection of women and their rights. The current system is dangerously ineffective, including the leniency of sexual assault and domestic violence in regards to the weak bail system, apprehension orders and sentencing.

“Offences towards women of any sort, whether it’s rape, assault or domestic violence, should not be tolerated in our society.

I urge a further review of our bail laws and a complete prohibition of anti-woman videos and pornography which helps to incite these assaults on women and children” said Rev. Nile.

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