We’re very pleased to announce that in late breaking news, Lyle Shelton, Director of Australian Christian Lobby, has agreed to join the CDP team at our annual convention this time next week to discuss the question of Same Sex so called “Marriage”.

  • Should you vote Yes or No?
  • Will it change our freedom of speech?
  • Should we all have equal rights?
  • Should governments deliberately deprive children of a mother and father?
  • What changes will it mean for schools?
  • Will it mean official changes to religious freedoms?
  • Will the government allow same sex couples to tell lies on official birth certificates?
  • Isn’t it just about love?

Come along and hear Lyle explain what is really at stake for Aussie families if we redefine the Marriage Act.

We know you won’t want to miss this – so we’ve extended bookings to allow for those of you who want to come. Limited spaces for both day bookings (Lyle will be speaking on Saturday August 26) and full conference bookings are available now – but you’ll have to be quick (the chef is already panicking that it’s too late to change his grocery order)!

Book online or download the paper form by clicking here.


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