Millions of Australians are struggling to make sense of Monday’s political coup which was led by Malcolm Turnball and Julie Bishop.

There are millions of disappointed Liberal voters across Australia who didn’t elect Malcolm Turnbull as their Prime Minister. Tony Abbott was elected with a clear majority of seats at the 2013 Federal Election. Many of these seats were won with CDP preference flows. Our preference flows for future elections are now currently under review following yesterday’s dramatic events.

The ousting of Tony Abbott by some of his Liberal colleagues for a trendy and left leaning leader leaves many Australians rightfully disillusioned with the major parties.

Labor and Liberal, both cannot be trusted to honor the elected leaders and now it’s evident that there is hardly any difference between the two major parties on social issues.

Malcolm Turnbull has very little to offer Australia apart from his well-known stance on same sex homosexual marriage, the republic and climate change.

Malcolm Turnbull’s appointment comes at a time when Christianity and Christian values are being suppressed and continuously attacked by the Labor-Greens Alliance.

There is no better time to join the Christian Democratic Party and we welcome all Australians to join the Christian Democratic Party as we prepare to field candidates across Australia in the upcoming Federal Election.

The CDP is Australia’s Conservative Christian alternative with a proven 34 year track record in the NSW Parliament. We are now, more than ever, ready and empowered for Federal Politics.

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