CDP Federal Director Greg Bondar congratulates the Australian of the Year, Lieutenant General David Morrison, but cautions all Australians to be alert to the dangers of his ‘social engineering’ views such as advocating to change the traditional definition of marriage without any reference or concurrence from all 23 million Australians.

The so-called inequality in Australian law against same-sex couples is a myth following law changes in 2008.                                                                                 

To redefine marriage in law is an impingement on those Australians who oppose re-defining marriage, birth by surrogacy, and the right for a child to have a male father and female mother. #AustraliaDay #auspol

“Lieutenant General David Morrison is more concerned about ‘popularity’ as opposed to a considered and open debate on same sex marriage. He should be advocating for the Mum’s and Dad’s fighting for all Australians in war torn Middle Eastern countries rather than appeasing the same-sex minority groups” said Greg Bondar.

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