Australia Day

January 26, 2022

On January 26, 1788 the First Fleet sailed into Sydney Harbour and began English Settlement.

Our continent has a long and ancient history.

The First Nations People of Australia are estimated to have inhabited Australia for over 65 000 years. Our continent had and has hundreds of First Nations. There was no single nation that had dominion over the entire continent. A single united Australia is an accomplishment that has only existed since our Federation in 1901.

Australia is a blessed nation. Our nation is generally isolated from global conflicts and suffer limited natural disasters. Australians are generous, love sport, value their mates and believe that everyone deserves a ‘fair go’. We are also a nation of great Christian faith. Over 300 Churches came together to bless our nation in 2020.

Australian’s invented the world’s first pacemaker, ‘Where 2 Technologies’ (later known as Google Maps), medical uses for penicillin and modern Wi-Fi technology. Australian’s have always had an appreciation of the Arts from the operatic sopranos of Dame Nellie Melba (GBE) to the savage thrills of Mel Gibson’s Mad Max.

Let us celebrate our national character, our shared achievements and what is a brighter future for all.

This day belongs to all Australians.

Yours faithfully,


Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

CDP Parliamentary Leader

Media enquiries – 02 9230 2478

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