The Green’s MLC Mehreen Faruqi is trying to repeal the Abortion Laws of NSW.

Her bill repeals all laws prohibiting abortion including our common law. It puts NSW women at greater risk of harm in abortion by removing restrictions against unqualified persons performing an abortion (including self-administered abortions) and failing to provide safeguards to ensure women give fully informed consent.  It allows the abortion of viable babies right up to birth with no restrictions at all.

This bill also puts the registration of GP’s at risk, who have a conscientious objection to performing an abortion.

The bill includes a provision for safe zones around abortion clinics which would forbid any communication within the zone that is not in favour of abortion.  These ‘safe zones’ would even criminalise the boyfriend or parents of a woman seeking abortion if they are found to be asking her not to undergo the procedure. Offenders may face a penalty of 6 months in gaol. Similar laws in the ACT have recently been used to charge Christians for praying, silently, on the footpath outside a clinic.

Please sign the petition TODAY. Refer our attached instructions:



  1. Signatures may be collected on either of the pages attached. As a matter of convenience, most signatures will be collected on the second page because of the number of spaces provided. The petition pages must not be photocopied back to back. Signatures must be collected on single sided pages.


  1. Only original petitions, not copies, can be tabled in the Legislative Council. Individuals collecting signatures may decide to keep a copy for themselves, but the originals must be the ones forwarded for tabling in the House.


  1. The petition may be tabled in the House when it is sitting by any member of the Legislative Council. Completed petitions should be forwarded urgently to any of these members:
    Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC or Hon Paul Green MLC or Hon David Clarke MLC or Hon Greg Donnelly MLC


Member of the Legislative Council

Parliament of New South Wales

Macquarie Street



N.B. Do not send the petitions by facsimile or by email. Only originals can be tabled in the House.


If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch: CDP Head Office 02 9633 3255 and CDP Parliament House (Fred Nile’s) Office 02 9230 2478.

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