CDP supports nuclear energy

Rev Nile demands repeal of nuclear prohibition in NSW

29 October, 2021

The CDP has long advocated for fairer power prices for Australian families. Australia was once known internationally for low energy prices which gave families and business across the nation a fair go.

Unfortunately climate change alarmists from across the political aisle have clung to the political and scientific myth of net zero carbon emissions and are set to wreck our economy. Wind and solar are not viable energy sources to fit our growing energy needs in Australia.

Rev Nile has always supported the Australian coal industry as the simple math shows that it is an abundant and affordable resource in Australia that has long supported low energy prices and Australian jobs. For many years in NSW Parliament Rev Nile has also supported a repeal of the ban on uranium mining and nuclear storage facilities. In NSW Parliament he has repeatedly endorsed nuclear energy and supported a repeal of the Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Act 1986.

On the 20th of October Rev Nile spoke in NSW Parliament supporting a repeal and endorsing nuclear energy. Rev Nile said:

Nuclear energy, remains clean and green, and Australia is uniquely suited to embarking down this path. We do not suffer earthquakes and other problems like our friends in Japan…

Our friends in America operate 96 nuclear reactors across 30 States, which are responsible for 20 per cent of their energy production, with most of their remaining energy being sourced by coal and gas. The French, on the other hand, draw 70 per cent of their energy production from 58 nuclear reactors, and our friends in South Korea draw 26 per cent of their energy needs from four nuclear reactors. So we can see across the world that other countries see no problem with nuclear power and neither should Australia….

..Sadly, there is a tendency to distort the facts about nuclear power and mislead otherwise well-intentioned people engaged in this debate…

..Some people have suggested that nuclear power is in recession. The facts show that nothing could be further from the truth. Nuclear plants are not fading away…

..For example, Poland is particularly interesting, especially to my colleagues who are concerned about our reliance on coal or about the prestige Australia enjoys as a First World nation. According to recently updated data provided by the World Nuclear Association, Poland has intentionally assumed an energy diversification policy that will see it free from coal as the only source of energy generation. Nuclear energy production features as an important aspect of this diversification program..

A link to Rev Nile’s full speech is contained in the link below:

Rev Nile – Repeal the Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Act 1986


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Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

CDP Parliamentary Leader

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