MEDIA RELEASE – 2021 04 30 – Christian heritage must not be cancelled from schools


April 30, 2021


Christian heritage must not be cancelled from schools


The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has called on the Morrison and Berejiklian Governments to reject plans by bureaucrats to cancel Australia’s Christian heritage from the Education Curriculum.

Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said media reports today that children will be taught less of our western cultural inheritance and a distorted anti-British view of indigenous history would undermine our nation.

“We should of course teach the good the bad and the ugly of our colonial past, but not at the expense of the Greek, Roman and Christian history that has made Australia arguably the most desirable nation in which to live on the planet.

“If the media reports today are true, it is clear that the bureaucrats in Canberra running our education curriculum either despise or are ignorant of our cultural inheritance,” Mr Shelton said.

“Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a powerful speech last night to the United Israel Appeal dinner in Sydney rejecting cancel culture and toxic identity politics.

“He reminded the nation that our Judeo-Christian heritage has given us the freedoms we enjoy today.

“If that speech is to mean anything, the decision to cancel our Christian heritage from the education of children must be overturned.” stated Mr Shelton.

Lyle Shelton

Director of Campaigns and Communications

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

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