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The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) is celebrating its best ever results in a federal election in NSW with a 1% swing towards the CDP in the Senate, and only narrowly missing out on filling the 12th Senate spot in NSW.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of the democratic process. It was a close election, and whilst the result is disappointing, I and the Christian Democratic Party will continue to work for the good of all Australians” said NSW Lead Senate Candidate Ms Nella Hall.

The election results highlighted the strong performance of the CDP Lower House candidates with a primary vote double that of 2013, 7 candidates outpolling the Greens, and a total of 22 candidates exceeding the 4% AEC quota. Yet again this indicates that the CDP is the only true Conservative Alternative party in Australia. These results have consolidated the foundation of the CDP as it prepares for 2019.

‘The ALP, Greens, and the Liberal Coalition have not catered for the conservative voter nor have they campaigned on moral issues allowing CDP to fill a much needed void in the electoral pendulum.

Today is the day we begin the 2019 NSW State and Federal Election campaign’ said Federal Director Greg Bondar

The Christian Democratic Party is the only political party consistently promising to support religious freedom and freedom of speech in Australia given its 35 year experience in protecting freedoms in NSW.


Authorised by Greg Bondar, 1 Wentworth St, Parramatta 2150

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