21062021 – Media Release – ABC promotes drag content for kids

June 21, 2021

If Christine Holgate was held to account for watches, Ita should be for the ABC’s
sexualising of children

CAUGHT driving little children to sexual images and gender fluid content, the ABC has deleted its link to a LGBTIQA+ drag queen’s Facebook page. But the “Little Kids, Big Talk – Gender” video, featuring the drag queen “Courtney Act” (aka Shane Jenek) indoctrinating children with gender fluid ideology, remains up on the ABC Kids Community Facebook page.

Despite the ABC cutting the link to his Facebook page, Jenek doubled down overnight, posting the children’s video to his Facebook page alongside his picture gallery of age-inappropriate and
gender fluid content.

If what Jenek and the ABC are doing is not grooming, what is?
Where is ABC Chair Ita Buttrose?

If Christine Holgate was forced from Australia Post for giving Cartier watches as bonuses, surely sending children to sexualised and gender fluid content online is a greater offence?
Here’s a screen grab taken on Saturday with the ABC linking little children to Courtney Act’s page.

The link to Jenek’s drag page, Courtney Act, has vanished.
Did someone at the ABC grow a conscience after this was exposed?

My blog contains a selection of some of the inappropriate images for children (and adults who
care about civil society) the ABC was sending kids to, and arguably still is by continuing to
promote Jenek to children. Doesn’t the ABC know that children are adept with Google and that the problem isn’t solved by
scrubbing the link to Jenek’s page, the kids can simply search online to find out more about their
new fun and friendly “role model”.

The parents will never know their kids are being exposed to the wild sexual libertarianism of the mardi gras, but hey, even Blue Clues tells toddlers pride parades are fun. In the rainbow world kids are never too young to be exposed to radical LGBTIQA+ concepts, including the idea that they might have been born in the wrong body.

Ita and the board of the ABC should resign. The Morrison Government should cut a big chunk
out of the ABC’s $1.1 billion a year budget and tell them to never again expose children to the
sexualised gender-fluid world of drag queens.

They are not for kids.

The Morrison Government also needs to tell all government agencies, including the Australian
Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and the ABC, that it will not tolerate
gender fluid indoctrination programs for children.

God Bless.

Lyle Shelton
Director of Campaigns and Communications

Authorised by Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
Suite 5, 181 High Street, Willoughby North NSW 2068
(02) 9633 3255 OR from Country Landlines 1300 667 975

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