Prices for the CDP Constitution Convention “Rise of the Minor Parties” has just been announced.

  • $200 for full conference (+20% single room supplement, if available)
  • $20 linen (sheets, towel and pillowcases)
  • $40 One day of conference plus 1 meal
  • $20 One day of conference plus morning and afternoon tea
  • $20 Extra meals (each)
  • $5 per meal special dietary requirements (e.g. Gluten Free)
  • One night stay – please enquire with headoffice.

With guest speakers like Hon Robert Brown MLC (Shooters and Fishers Party) and Mark Makowiecki (NSW State Director, Australian Christian Lobby) giving us an insight on the opportunities for minor parties…

And your chance to contribute to (and vote on) the future constitution of the CDP…

What are you waiting for?

Book now online!

Or call the Parramatta office (02) 9633 3255 or email


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