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Saturday, 12 March 2016

CDP Elects NSW Lead Senate Candidate

In a three-cornered contest, the 13 present members of the CDP Management Committee listened to prospective candidates present their proposed campaign for the 2016 Federal Election followed by a Q&A session, resulting in the best candidate being elected on the day. The CDP State Council has endorsed the Candidate.

After a rigorous, Christian, and democratic process, The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has endorsed Nella Hall as the NSW Lead Senate Candidate for the upcoming Federal Election” said State President Rev Dr Ross Clifford AM.

The NSW Lead Senate Candidate Nella Hall will be campaigning for:

·         Better Infrastructure – a forward thinking approach

·         A Better Health System for all Australians

·         One Law For All – No Sharia Law

·         Protecting the Traditional Family Unit

·         Tax Reform

·         A plebiscite based on the principles of a referendum on proposed changes to the Marriage Act, drawn up by objective legal experts

Nella Hall will be touring NSW with the Campaign Team highlighting the fact that

The CDP is the Only Truly Conservative Alternative


Authorised by Greg Bondar CDP State Director

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