CDP National Charter

Aims and Objectives

(a)  To advance the glory of God through the institution of Parliament and through all aspects of Federal and State and Local Government, to advance Australia as “A Christian Commonwealth” as it was originally described in 1901 when the “Commonwealth of Australia” was formed;

(b)   To promote the true welfare of the people of Australia through all legislation being brought into conformity with the revealed will of God in the Holy Bible with a special emphasis on the MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION (2 Cor.5:18);

(c)   To support & promote recognition of our Christian heritage by uplifting the Judeo/Christian ethic, with pro-family, pro-child, pro-moral, pro-life, and pro-Australian policies;

(d)   To endorse, nominate and support the election of Christian Candidates into Local, State and Federal Government; especially in the Upper Houses of Parliament, and in the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory and the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory; and

(e)   To uphold our Christian Constitutional Monarchy and Christian Westminster System of Government through the policies of CDP as a Christian Democratic Political Movement, respecting the sovereignty of Australia.In accordance with Jeremiah 51:27 we seek to  “Set up a standard in the Land, blow the trumpet among the nations”, and to fulfil our Lord’s command in the Gospel of Matthew 5:13-19 “Let your light shine”.  c.f. Isaiah 62:6-10, Romans 13, Ephesians

Statement of Beliefs


We believe there is one creator God, eternal, manifested as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The bible:

We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, written Word of God and the final authority above all man’s laws and government.


We believe civil government to be under the authority of God.  (Romans 13:4).


We believe that God has ordained three Institutions – (i) the family;  (ii) the church;  (iii) the civil government;  each with their own special responsibilities, duties and authority.


We believe that the family, consisting of those individuals related by blood or marriage, is the foundational social unit of the nation.  The family has primary responsibility for the education and property of its members.  Civil government must respect this sanctity of the family and its unique sphere of authority and it must preserve and promote optimum conditions in which the integrity of the family unit can be maintained.

(a)   MARRIAGE:  We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ himself taught that in the beginning God created mankind – male and female, and meant husband and wife to live together honourably in a lasting, loving, lifelong, faithful relationship.  Marriage is a sacred relationship which God ordained for mankind so that the human race might be continued through the procreation of children, to be brought up in fear and nurture of the Lord; and for the mutual help, comfort and companionship both in prosperity and adversity.

(b)   RIGHT TO LIFE: We believe that God is the author of life and that human life originates at conception.  Abortion and euthanasia must be opposed under all circumstances as the shedding of innocent blood.

(c)   GOD’S GIFT OF SEX:  We believe that God has established laws of sexual morality for the well-being of society prohibiting pornography, adultery, incest, homosexuality, and other sexual aberrations which debase man, as well as defile and pollute our nation.

(d)   PARENTS’ RIGHTS: We believe that parents (not the civil government) have the primary responsibility before God for child rearing and the education of their children according to the dictates of their conscience with the sole ability to choose what kind of education they want for their children.


We believe that the Church is a God ordained body of believers charged to proclaim God’s truth and to set an example both inwardly and outwardly of Godly living before the world.  It has no authority to use physical coercion, but only to challenge man’s conscience to do what is right.


Civil government is a God-ordained institution with authority to deal only with the outward deeds of people.  Both Church and State are unique in their responsibilities before God: neither may seek to usurp the other’s role, but neither can be free of the other’s influence.  We believe the purpose of civil government is to ensure freedom and justice for a nation’s citizens by establishing and upholding law and order in accordance with Biblical principles:

 (a)   BIBLICAL ETHICS:  We believe that decision-making processes by civil government must not contravene Biblical ethics concerning the family, marriage, morality, etc.

(b)   LAW AND ORDER:  We believe that it is every citizen’s duty to submit to the God-ordained governing authority.  The primary responsibility of civil government is to protect the lives of a nation’s citizens and to ensure that those who violate law and order receive just punishment.  Crime should never  carry with it a reward, and therefore the Biblical principle of restitution and compensation to victims of crime should be enforced.

(c)   TAXATION: We believe that there should be ‘no taxation without representation’ at every level of government.  We believe that the civil government exists to serve the people, not the people the civil government, and that people are therefore obliged to sustain civil government through just taxation.  We believe that as Jesus Christ taught “Render to Caesar what is due to Caesar and render to God what is due to God”.  (Matthew 22:21)

 (d)   FREEDOM: We believe that the national civil government should build up and maintain an adequate military preparedness to protect the nation’s unique identity and sovereignty from external attack or internal subversion.

 (e)   FREE ENTERPRISE:  We believe that the Biblical principles concerning economics should be consistently upheld and respected by civil government, including honest weights and measures and avoidance of currency debasement.  We further uphold the principle of responsible free enterprise, meaning maximum freedom to develop one’s talents matched with responsibility before God in dealing with our fellow man.


The Christian Democratic Party is a political coalition of Christian citizens, churches, and action groups which are united in their desire to build a better Australia, based on the love of God and love for their fellow man.  The Christian Democratic Party is a unique Christian, democratic, non-denominational, grassroots citizens’ movement that believes that Government was established by God to be His servant to do good (Romans 13:4).

We believe governments must not legislate for immorality, but should seek to fulfill the prayer offered at the opening of Parliament each day: “Almighty God, we humbly beseech thee to vouchsafe thy blessing upon this Parliament, direct and prosper our deliberations to the advancement of Thy glory and the true welfare of the people of our State and Australia, Amen.”
The Glory of God: To advance the Glory of God we need to know the will of God.  God has revealed His Will in the written word of God the Holy Bible and through the Living Word of God – the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore by studying the Word of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can discern the Will of God; for example the Apostle Paul wrote: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished into all good works”.  (II Tim 3:16-17).

True Welfare of the People: We believe that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).  We believe that “God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27).  Firstly, as God created us He knows what is for our true welfare.

Therefore we need know the ways of God and so study His Word.  Secondly, as God created the first family, Adam and Eve, and showed His loving care through the family of Jesus, we believe the family is the God-given basic unit of society and is entitled to the protection and support of the Government and society.  Therefore all policies, especially moral, social and economic policies, need to be assessed as to how they will finally affect the family unit.

Guiding Principles

Our Christian Democratic Party Policies are summed up by these two Guiding Principles:

“For God and the Family”.   Eph 5:22-6:4
“For Justice and Decency”.   Amos 5:12-15,24

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