As one of the Constitution’s most distinguished co-authors, Sir John Downer, declared in 1898: “The Commonwealth of Australia will be, from its first stage, a Christian Commonwealth.”
Like Sir John Downer, many of the other leading writers of the Constitution had strong views on the importance of Christianity to the Commonwealth.

For example, Sir Henry Parkes, known as “the Father of Australia’s Federation”, believed that Christianity comprised an essential part of Australia’s common law. The CDP has long argued that we need ‘One Law for All Australians’.

In a column published in the Sydney Morning Herald (August 26, 1885), Sir Henry stated: “We are pre-eminently a Christian people — as our laws, our whole system of jurisprudence, our Constitution… are based upon and interwoven with our Christian belief.”

Similar views were found among the drafters of the Constitution including Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin. The insertion of an acknowledgment of God into the preamble of the Australian Constitution occurred in response to overwhelmingly popular public support, which came, among other things, from countless petitions received from the citizens of every single colony in Australia.

We as a nation and as Christians are struggling to maintain our way of life.

• Christianity is under attack.
• Our Judaeo-Christian way of life is under attack and being undermined by those who advocate free speech as long as it agrees with ‘their point of view’

Marriage is a union between man and women – full stop. You can embellish it all you like but the fact remains that marriage is a heterosexual act.

The preservation of the legal definition of marriage must not be tampered with by forces imposing minority views on the majority. #VOTE1CDP

Greg Bondar
CDP Federal Director

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