Play Safe is UNSAFE!

Review into sexual education needed


August 24, 2021


I have recently raised the alarm on the harmful taxpayer funded website ironically known as ‘Play Safe’, as has Family Voice Australia.

This website is funded by the taxpayer and operated by employees of NSW Health, it is partnered with the taxpayer founded organisation known as Caddyshack who are also known as the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District’s HIV and Related Programs (HARP).

The CaddyShack YouTube channel features videos such as ‘Making Connie Condom Dress’ where a mannequin is dressed in hundreds of coloured condoms. Another video is ‘Talk soon talk often: Hot topics – Consent, Sexting & Pornography’ where Senior Health Promotion Officer Naomi Viret describes the ‘unfortunate’ legal perils of underage sexting but describes sexting in general as ‘not wrong, just different’. The Australian Government eSafety Commissioner warns that those who participate in sexting may be the target of image based abuse and sextortion (a form of blackmail). Sexting is very much wrong and very much dangerous to all parties involved.

Further to my Question on Notice requesting that the Play Safe website be taken down and those responsible sacked, we ask for an immediate review into sexual education resources and programs funded by the NSW taxpayer for young Australians.

As an elected Member of Parliament I am requesting your support on this matter of safety and education for young Australians.

Yours faithfully,


Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

CDP Parliamentary Leader

Media enquiries

02 9230 2478 


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