In all this talk about equality, there’s very little talk about equality for children.

It’s one thing when the tragedies of life rob a child of knowing their mum and dad – a mother dies or a father walks out. It’s not ideal, but there’ll always be unforseen tragedies. The law should still set up an exemplar of right though.

It’s quite another thing when a nation’s parliament deliberately decides to deprive all the generations to come of their right to know their parents. For most of human history, society has known same sex relationships; sometimes tolerated, sometimes embraced.But never before in human history has a society gone that extra step and given government sanction to change the definition of marriage and legalise same sex so-called marriage.

Love is love… REAL love for EVERYONE – not just those activists who want same sex so-called “marriage” – but also the children who will be legally robbed by the government of living with either their mother or their father.

So in the upcoming postal survey on marriage, if you really care about love and equality, please Vote “No”!

Aaron Mello


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