Discovering your God-given destiny isn’t very Hollywood.

You don’t get to see it all in one sitting.

Your future is more like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

And most of the pieces are hidden.

Inside other people.

Sometimes people you don’t like and wouldn’t hang out with.

But one of the keys to life is treating everyone like they have one of your hidden pieces.

That’s what Joseph did.

He got a small glimpse of his future when …. when he was too young to even join Young CDP!

At the time he might have thought it was all about a career in fashion with catwalk hits like his coat of many colours.

He certainly didn’t know at the time all the diverse people who would be a part of making his destiny happen.

His dad was part of his destiny.

His brothers (who, oh by the way, wanted to kill him) were part of his destiny too.

His slave traders – they had a part to play.

His boss Potiphar, and also his shameless wife were part of his destiny.

His jailer and one of his prisoner mates who forgot about him for years, yep, they held bits of his jigsaw puzzle as well.

And, of course, the most powerful leader in the world, Pharoah, was the guy who God used to bring all the Hollywood to his destiny.

He gave him:

  • new job
  • new clothes
  • new bling
  • sweet new set of wheels
  • public “celebrity”
  • new wife

and all in the ONE day – Hollywood eat your heart out!

And it meant Joseph was empowered to save millions of lives and solve a global hunger crisis. What a destiny!

Who is holding the jigsaw puzzle pieces to your destiny? Could it be someone you’ll be sitting next to at the CDP Annual Dinner?

Will it be a powerful leader, like Rev Nile who continues to break records every day as Australia’s longest serving political party leader EVER?

I’m pretty sure it won’t be the boss’s wife tempting you with adultery. It’s unlikely your waitress will also be a slave trader.

But I’m also sure that you will find someone who can unlock part of your God-given destiny. It might be just one idea from the guest speaker, author and pastor that helps you influence a whole generation of Australians to rise up and make a difference to the national destiny!

You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? Click here to book now.

I’m so excited about seeing you there,

Michelle Ryan

Young CDP Convenor

P.S. I’m putting together a table of eight of the coolest of cool kids, so if you want to be on my table, get in early and you’ll get a discount of $10 off your ticket price … Aaaaaaaand I’ve even convinced the Treasurer to let Young CDP members pay three lots of $20 per fortnight. Yes, that’s right! You can come to the fanciest schmanciest dinner of the whole year for less than $1.50 a day in just six weeks!

P.P.S. No Credit Card? No worries! You can book your place with a $20 deposit to our Westpac Account: Christian Democratic Party-NSW Acc BSB: 032-292 Account: 221150 Use “YDinner” and your name as the transaction description. Any other questions, email and ask.


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