Antisemitism, Remembrance Day, Drugs and Warragamba Dam
Euthanasia to be voted on next week
November 14, 2021
As NSW Parliament was closed for nearly four months this past week and the next two weeks expand the normal calendar of the NSW Legislative Council by an additional day. There is much for the House to catch up on.
On Tuesday the Christian Democratic Party has endorsed the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. I have passed a Notion of Motion in the Legislative Council requesting that the House does the same. I have also asked a Question without Notice directed to the Premier to see if they will follow suit, I prayerfully await their response.
An important part of the Australian Calendar is the 11th of November, Remembrance Day. On this solemn day we pay tribute to and commemorate all those who have served in the Australian armed forces, lest we forget their sacrifice. I attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Martin Place Cenotaph, as I do every year. The Legislative Council later spent an hour hearing from Members reflecting on the horrors of the first World War and their appreciation and respect of our armed forces.
The New South Wales Greens have long held liberal and progressive views on illicit drugs, those views have not changed. I was shocked and appalled to see elected representatives of the Greens seek to end criminal prosecution of drug offences and instead exclusively rehabilitation. I believe in rehabilitation but I also believe in a firm approach to drug offences. Hard drugs such as ice devastate families, communities and especially users. While treatment programs must be offered any criminal actions must be dealt with swiftly and firmly, temporary mental impairment is no excuse to criminal behaviour.
I have witnessed the devastating impact of floods on the people of the Hawkesbury-Nepean region. Homes are lost, farms are underwater and entire communities are cut off from the rest of Sydney. On the basis I have asked the Government to confirm that they will not build on historically dangerous floodplains if the Warragamba Dam is raised. I note that the Warragamba Dam was not built as a means by which to manage or mitigate floods. Raising the Dam wall would have a minimal impact on flood minimisation but would submerge many vulnerable eco-systems and Aboriginal sites near the Dam itself.
In the Legislative Assembly debate has now concluded on Voluntary Assisted Dying (state-sanctioned killing) with a vote likely to proceed this Friday the 19th of November. Pray this dangerous Bill is defeated.
Yours faithfully,
Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC
CDP Parliamentary Leader
Media enquiries – 02 9230 2478

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