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NSW Parliament returns

Kill Bill introduced to Legislative Assembly


October 16, 2021

This week the NSW Parliament returned to business and your elected representatives are now able to perform the vital democratic role that is demanded of them.

Rev Fred Nile was invited by the President of the Legislative Council to say the Opening Prayers and Welcome to Country. He was formally congratulated for his 40 years serving in the Legislative Council.

On Wednesday Hon Walt Secord MLC has moved a Bill to ban the use of the Nazi Swastika. Reverend Nile said “I am very pleased to support this Bill, the horrors of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Regime must never be repeated. Neo-Nazis and their evil symbology must not be allowed to propagate. I support this Bill without reservation”. In the Legislative Assembly, Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich introduced a Voluntary Assisted Dying (Euthanasia) Bill. This radical pro-death bill must be defeated. If this Bill is introduced to the Legislative Council it will be fiercely resisted.

On Thursday morning Reverend Fred Nile spoke on the lengthy suspension of Parliament and said “The Government had gone on strike … and were preventing the House from conducting its business.. the Legislative Council was prevented from doing its job”. Rev Nile condemned the actions of the Government in shutting down Parliament for so long and said “I hope we will never see it (the shut-down) again”.

Yours faithfully,

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Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

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