2021 Australian Census – Read between the lines

Dear Friends,

The 2021 Australian Census is upon us and it is mandatory.

You are required to submit your census by August 12, 2021.

However, you must be aware of the following.

Christianity is not recognised as an option in the 2021 Australian Census, instead Australians are expected to define Christianity as one of the below:



Uniting Church


Greek Orthodox


And yet Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism are all awarded boxes despite being fiercely denominational faiths themselves.

Naturally the structure of the census will see a marked rise in non-Christian faith and a decrease in Christianity.

This should give Australians cause for concern, there is a continual attack on our Western identity by faceless, secular bureaucrats.

A majority of Australians remain as Christian identifying as our nation was founded on our Christian faith and principals.

If you identify as any of the aforementioned Christian faiths then please tick that box, otherwise please tick the ‘Other’ box and write ‘Christian’

Yours faithfully,

Rev Nile

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