Proven successful treatment of Covid 19

August 16, 2021

In 1918 the world endured 50 million deaths as a result of influenza.

The flu remains with us today.

In 2017 modern Australia lost 1255 lives to influenza.

No lockdowns of any kind.

After nearly two years of Covid-19 in Australia 947 have died.

Severe lockdowns, mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports and dangerous

Recently I submitted a Question on Notice to the Health Minister on whether he
would consider a trial of Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment, he responded as follows:

“Current available evidence shows that the Ivermectin dose required to inhibit
the COVID-19 virus is unlikely to be achievable in humans. However clinical trials
of Ivermectin against COVID-19 are ongoing, and reassessment will occur as
efficacy and safety data becomes available.”

I thank the Minister for his response and will be returning to this matter. However,
the statement from the Health Minister is misleading or at least only half true.
Clinical trials have been performed and show promising data for those infected
with Covid-19.

Ivermectin has been available to Australians for over six decades and is still used
today to treat parasitic infections. Data from clinical trials has shown outstanding
results in treating and subduing Covid-19 symptoms. Ivermectin won a Nobel Peace
prize in 2015. Ivermectin is also on the WHO list of essential medicines.
Why then are we not treating Covid patients with this proven medication?


The State and Federal Government is entirely focused on preventative measures with
Covid-19 vaccines rather than on treatment measures such as Ivermectin. We do note
that the TGA has only awarded these vaccines provisional approval at this point in
time. Unfortunately, these experimental vaccines have not proven entirely successful
and ‘break-through’ cases are occurring right around the world. Most concerning is
the unusually high degree of adverse reactions and deaths. As of August 8, 2021 there
have been 48,143 adverse reactions, 7 confirmed deaths due to vaccination and 447
reports of death following vaccination.

With numerous trials of Ivermectin, this safe treatment has not been given provisional
approval for Covid-19 treatment, despite hundreds of medical papers and successful
widespread use overseas. Some 3.7 billion doses of Ivermectin have been
administered since the 1970s and it is prescribed for many ailments. Ivermectin is
safe and affordable because it is off-patent.

Considering all these promising signs in treating and subduing Covid-19 symptoms, I
call on the Government for immediate Ivermectin treatment to be made available to
those infected with Covid-19. Additionally, permission must be granted to medical
practitioners to treat Covid-19 infected with Ivermectin.

Australians have everything to gain and nothing to lose from this successful

Yours faithfully,
Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC
CDP Parliamentary Leader
Media enquiries – 02 9230 2478



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